Benefits Of Laser Tag For Kids

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Laser tag is a form of tag where kids "tag" each other with infrared lasers. They each use a laser gun and put on a headband that is sensitive to infrared and clearly shows the laser when it "hits" the headband. Exactly how a game is played is up to the children playing. It can be very simple, with each player trying to tag out the others. Usually, you have to be tagged a certain number of times before you are out of the game. On the other hand, the players might design a more complex game structure. There might be different teams, goals, and rules. Roles are sometimes delegated between team members.

A Safe Choice of Entertainment 

Some sports or forms of exercise make parents concerned about safety. There is no need to have such worries when it comes to laser tag. In a similar game called paint ball, getting hit can be painful. Being "hit" with a laser, however, has no such effect. Some people worry about lasers and eye safety. According to one article, staring directly at the laser light for long periods of time might cause eye damage. However, brief exposure to the light does not hurt anyone. Unlike in some sports, no physical contact is required in laser tag, so there is little risk of injury.

Great Exercise 

Experts say that children should get sixty minutes of physical activity every day. Laser tag is a great way to fill some or all of that time. The game involves a lot of running around, crouching, dodging, and exploring the arena when the game is held in an indoor setting. Players can get cardio exercise as well as muscle-strengthening.

Leadership and Teamwork 

In the more complex games, kids will learn how to use teamwork and there may be a team leader as well. Teamwork helps children to get along and to solve problems better. It can help communication skills. Team leaders gain experience coordinating others, using their own heads to come up with plans, and putting the needs of the team before their own. In addition, strategic thinking is developed through this game.

Game Appeal and Boosting Confidence 

Laser tag may appeal to young gamers, especially those who play shooting games like Halo or Call of Duty. In video games and physical games alike, hitting a target or winning a round gives players a sense of reward that can, in turn, contribute to positive self-image. Social confidence, physical confidence, and confidence of strategy can all be improved by playing laser tag.