Buffering Messing With Your WBLS Online Streaming? Here's How To Fix It

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Online streaming videos and audio (provided by programs such as Caribbean Fever) is a fun way to watch movies, television, and even listen to radio. If you enjoy WBLS online streaming, you've likely had a moment when your stream "buffered" and stopped playing. This annoying process can last anywhere from 10 seconds to 10 minutes. What is going on here and how can you fix it?

What Is Going On With Buffering?

When you're listening to online streams or watching videos, you are really stretching the capacities of your network. If your network is running fast enough to keep up with the demands of the video or audio stream, you shouldn't run into any problems. However, if the stream is too large or if it can't load in real-time quickly enough, it may start buffering.

Buffering is the act of pre-loading data into an area of your computer's memory. This means that it will download a small portion before playing it to allow you to hear it uninterrupted. Typically buffering is done at a speed which you won't notice, but if your stream stops and buffers multiple times, you're having trouble with your internet connection speed.

How Internet Speed Messes With Video Streaming

Video and audio files are very large, even WBLS online streaming. To avoid buffering, your bandwidth needs to be at a specific speed in order to comply. For example, YouTube videos require a rate of 0.5 mbps in order to avoid pauses. Netflix videos will require speeds of up to 12 mpbs in order to process 3D quality videos. Audio streams, like WBLS, will require smaller amounts.

So if your audio stream is struggling to catch up and repeatedly buffers in the middle of a broadcast, you likely have a problem with your internet speed. Thankfully, it is possible to fix this problem without calling an internet specialist, though you can always do that as a last resort.

Boosting Your Wi-Fi Speed At Home

Increasing your internet speed is a surprisingly easy task that any computer owner can perform. The following five tricks should help boost your speed up to a respectable level:

  • Purchase the newest router (an N or AC model) in order to get the quickest speed
  • Move your router out into the open so that the signal can move unimpeded
  • Use a wireless analyzer program to check your wireless channel and switch it if it is degraded
  • Move your router away from other wireless devices, such as cordless phones and microwaves
  • Add a difficult password to your wireless network to avoid people around you from stealing your wireless signal

By performing these internet-speed boosting tricks, you can help your WBLS online stream run a lot smoother and avoid the annoyance of endless buffering.